STAINLESS STEEL Concession Stand Trailer Mobile Kitchen

R38,995.98 / Not Negotiable


The Mobile Kitchen can be towable on roads with lights.

Dimension: 2.5m (L)x 1.5m(D) x 2.3(H)   

Weight: 650kg

The material of the kitchen body is Stainless Steel , high strength, light weight, corrosion resistant, compartment temperature, fire protection features.

Backside using double-color plate of the intermediate zone compartment stratosphere;

The bottom of the kitchen is equipped with tires and high-speed bearings.

Standard configuration:

1. Stainless kitchen cabinets in the front and back

2. hand wash sink in the front .

3. all pipes for gas and water, plug

4. Deep Fryer  

5. Grill

6. Fridge

7. Hot Water