A subsoiler, sometimes called a mole plough, is a deep tillage instrument that is usually mounted on the tractor’s three-point hitch or simply towed. It is used to break up soil at depths that are below the operational range of other implements such as cultivators, ploughs or harrows. The subsoiler can reach depths of up to two feet, breaking up hardpan layers and improving soil structure and drainage.

The subsoiler will have a positive effect on crop growth on land where there are problems with soil compaction. It can loosen soil far deeper than other tillage implements and can break up hardpan layers down to 24 inches. Such deep soil disturbance is thought to have a positive effect on crops in times of high temperatures and dry periods.

This is because the deeply broken soil allows crop roots to penetrate deeper into the earth to find water. Conversely, the broken-up soil also allows water to drain into the water table, preventing the drowning of crops due to waterlogged roots.

The solution to compaction and poor drainage, subsoiling can help improve soil structure and improve yields.  We stock a wide range of Subsoilers, Cousins V-Form and Simba Flatliner are two of the most popular.  Included here are any mole drainers that we have in stock, these are an excellent solution to water logged ground leaving well drained soil and improving yields.

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Browns Subsoiler 3 Leg

Excellent machine, good metal, front discs & depth wheels

Farmrite Subsoiler 3 Leg 

1999 3 leg subsoiler, swivel legs, C/W depth wheels

Simba Flatliner 5 Leg Tail Disc

Excellent machine on new points, wings & shins, and good packer

Opico Heva Subsoiler 5 Leg  

Nice machine on good metal, hydraulic packer adjustment

A N Fabrications Twin Leg Mole Drainer

Excellent machine, new legs & metal, Cat 4, can be used as Cat 3 single leg, outside legs swivel 2.7M centres

Opico Sward Lifter

Good machine, good metal & front discs

McConnel 3M Shakaerator

Good machine, large packer, ready to go to work

Spaldings Flatlift 3.5M

Nice machine on good metal, prolift legs & DD lite packer

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