The seed drill was one of the most fundamental farming advances. Prior to the introduction of the seed drill, planting seeds was done manually. This was extremely labour-intensive and also inefficient, as hand planting rarely achieved an ideal seed distribution. This in turn led to wasteful planting and low productivity. Jethro Tull is famously credited with inventing the seed drill, although there is plenty of evidence that ancient Sumerian farmers were using a single-tube drill thousands of years ago and Chinese planters had a multi-tube drill. The benefits of using a seed drill are quite dramatic. It precisely positions the seed and then covers it, resulting in ideally spaced and protected seeds. This can boost crop yield ratios by up to nine times.

APPSA Equipment Selection of drills is very extensive with drills suitable for many different soils, weather conditions and seed types.  Power harrow combination drills and tine seeders for wet conditions, and the ever popular Vaderstad Rapid, Accord and Horsch DC Pronto for high output drilling in drier conditions.  With the recent increase in direct drilling APPSA Equipment now stock a range of Claydon, Moore and Sumo direct drills.

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Accord DA 3M Drill

Ex-farm drill, good coulter tips, trade in.

Einbock 6M Folding Grass Harrow C/W Seeder

Brand new, C/W seeder

Accord DL 4M Drill 

Genuine drill on new harrow tines

Amazone Box Drill

C/W tyre packer, genuine drill, suffolk coulters, levelling boards, piggy back drill to mount on a power harrow

Vaderstad 600F Drill

2007 Very good tyres, coulters and discs, new paddle points and rear harrow tines

Accord 6M DV Drill

2005 On excellent coulters

Horsch Pronto 6DC

Good drill, good metal & new harrow tines, Muller controls

Vaderstad Rapid 300S  

Good genuine drill, good drilling discs & coulters, only done 250 acres, new points & paddle points

Vaderstad 400S Rapid

2012 Very nice drill, good metal, new harrow tines, late type hopper

Moore Unidrill DP600

Good ex-farm drill, C/W Roger control type & hydraulic fan

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