Aeration is an important part of cultivation, because without it the soil can become a stifling environment for plant life rather than one which encourages growth and increases yields. This makes aerators an important piece of agricultural equipment, whether that's for farms specialising in livestock or arable activities. Soil compaction caused by the heavy hooves of animals or the even heavier tyres and tracks of tractors and other equipment can be counteracted by aerators, which allow the roots of crops and grass to breathe more easily and also ensure that water can drain away as it should rather than sitting on the surface and potentially compromising the entire crop.

Because of the important role that aerators play in the agricultural industry, picking a used unit is a serious business. You will need to work out whether to select a model that features tines, blades or a roller barrel. You will also need to take into account the other systems that are offered by an aerator and whether you have the right type of tractor to pull it effectively. Some models will even offer vibrating capabilities to further enhance the action of parts. So there is a lot to look out for when you start your aerator-purchasing journey.

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2013 Sisisi Multislit 1.2m Arerator 

1.2m aerator, 3 point linkage mounted, Tines are as new, upto 8ins. max depth, rear pressure rollers, perfect for Football, rugby and cricket pitches as well as golf course and lawns. Excellent Condition

2015 Ritchie 2m Aerator

In good excellent Condition

2012 Alstrong Aerator

- 2.5 Metre, - floatation tyres, - lights. In good excellent Condition

2016 McConnel Discaerator 3000 Aerators

- 7 hydraulic auto reset legs, - ridge packer, - lights. In very excellent condition

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