2015 Kubota DC60 Combine Harvester


Make: Kubota
Model: DC60
Year: 2015
Traction type: 4 WD

Length x Width x Height: 4,800 x 2,175 x 2,800 mm.
Body Weight: 2450 kg.

the engine
engine code: V2403-M-DI-TE2-CKMS1.
engine: The four-cylinder diesel, direct injection applications, cooled water.
Rated output: 60 hp / 2700 rev / min.
Tank capacity: 60 liters

the drive
Crawler length x width touch the ground: 400 x 1,545 mm.
Average ground pressure: 0.20 kg force / cm

Cruise control: HST transmission hydraulics.

Gear oils: level 2

Running speed: 1.3 /1.8 m / s

Header Information
The pull: Set reel
The width of the head: 2000 mm.
Blade cutting length: 1905 mm.
Reel diameter x width: 900 x 1,828 mm.

the massage
Massage System: Axial flow system (dental treatment).
Threshing Diameter x Length: 620 x 1,615 mm.

Tank bags of rice and rice.
Grain tank capacity: 200-250 kg.
The rice: The conveyor screw

1-3 paddy fields 2.0-2.5 acres / hour, three acres of paddy up to 2.5-3.0 acres / hour.