1986 John Deere 2250, 4WD Tractor Diesel


Brand / model: John Deere 2250

Year of manufacture: 1986

Tractor type: Farm Tractor

Hours of use: 8584 h

Engine output: 46 kW

Transmission: Powerquad

Traction type: 4 WD

Cylinders: 4 cyl.

Cabin: Regular

Front loader make: No

Front tyre size: 13.6-24

Rear tyre size: 15.5-38

Top speed: 30 km/h

PTO: 540/540E/1000

Attachments: Front headlights 1x rear,
Control unit - double acting (1x),
Drawbar, Heater, Radio, hitch, diesel

Other information: Four-wheel
MC1 cabin
8/4 speed synchronous transmission 30 km / h
passenger seat
All wheel drive, MC1 cab, 8/4 gear synchronous transmission 30km / h, passenger seat